Call for Session Proposals

Call for Proposals is Now Closed

PEAK Grantmaking’s Annual Conference attracts more than 700 grantmaking professionals who work with philanthropic organizations of different sizes, missions, and purposes.

In attendance are professionals who work with teams and departments and those who are the sole grants manager in their organization. These professionals perform a critical role within their organizations guiding and supporting strategy, ensuring effective practice, facilitating relationships between grantee and grantor, and many more. Attendees are interested in enhancing their effectiveness through increased competency in their role and staying up-to-date with new developments in the field.

Typical conference attendance represents grants management professionals with 1-4 years (20%), 5-10 (45%) years, and over 10 years of experience (35%) in the field. It is important that content goes beyond the basics in order to appeal to the large number of experienced attendees.

PEAK2019 Proposal Submission Eligibility and Speaker Agreement – Anyone currently employed by a grantmaking organization who holds responsibility for grants management or a portion of grants management activities is eligible to submit a PEAK2019 proposal. You will be asked to agree to the terms our 2019 PEAK Grantmaking Annual Conference speaker agreement. Please take a moment to review the terms and ensure you will be able to adhere to all requirements and deadlines before submitting your proposal.

Please note that software vendors are not eligible to participate through regular session submission, but do have the opportunity to sponsor a session through their exhibitor agreement. For more information, contact Nikki Powell.

We invite proposals for:

  • Short Talks (20-minute presentations that present a specific idea, recommendation, or case study)
  • Roundtable Topic Discussions (90-minute casual conversations with your professional peers to discuss a grants management topic; share ideas and best practices)
  • Podium Sessions (75-minute breakout sessions geared towards engaging grants managers on practical tools and approaches in grantmaking)

Proposals will be evaluated using the following criteria:

  • Action-oriented: Is the proposal likely to engage participants in a way that inspires a real-world outcome?
  • Collaborative: Does the proposal have the potential to initiate or encourage collaborations?
  • Compelling: To what extent does this proposal advance our thinking on a critical and timely issue in philanthropy?
  • Diverse: To what extent does the proposal present traditionally underrepresented or marginalized perspectives? Does the proposal feature speakers from a diverse range of backgrounds and communities and have an intersectional approach?
  • Original: Does the proposal introduce new voices (to PEAK2019 conference attendees and the PEAK Grantmaking network), new concepts, new format, or offer a fresh take on an issue?
  • Relevant: How well does the proposal connect to the conference theme or educational track?
  • Alignment with one or more Grants Management Professional Competencies: How will the session provide immediately-applicable information on how to be successful in the attendee’s role?


Please note: If the PEAK2019 Conference Committee recommends your proposal for the upcoming conference, PEAK Grantmaking staff and PEAK2019 conference committee members may work with you to develop the session, identifying interactive and dynamic formats. While we will try to honor your desired session type and format, we will determine which modality will best showcase your ideas within the conference agenda and available space. Unfortunately, due to focus and limited time slots, we will not be able to accept every submission.