• Conference Program

    An extensive conference program and three pre-conference workshops are under development for PEAK2019.

    Scan the list below to see the various conference tracks—along with examples of the emerging trends, practices, and issues you’ll learn about at PEAK2019.


    Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

    Hear about lessons PEAK Grantmaking’s members and partners have learned in incorporating equitable values into the activities of their organizations.

    Topics may include:

    • Learning shared language and basic concepts for talking about issues of race, gender, class, ability, place and other kinds of diversity
    • How to incorporate diverse perspectives in the design, implementation and/or evaluation of your grantmaking and other activities
    • What do in-house equitable practices look like – investments, staffing practices, board development, budgeting, reporting, etc.
    • How to share power with the communities you serve
    • How to incorporate an intentional racial equity lens to your internal and external operations and procedures
    • From diversity to inclusion to equity: Lessons learned on the road to a more just foundation

    Hot Topics

    Explore emerging issues—issues such as technology, international funding, and innovation—that could change the practice of grantmaking.

    Topics may include:

    • How to automate your grantmaking using technology
    • Integrate technology into your grantmaking to be more efficient and effective
    • How do you identify your role? How does each person in your organization play a role in the grants management process?
    • Effective participatory grantmaking – including stakeholders and beyond
    • Flexible funding and increasing payment for overhead

    Knowledge Management

    Expand your skills gathering, organizing, analyzing, and sharing data that can help in evaluating outcomes.

    Topics may include:

    • How to institutionalize learning through reflection
    • Know how to see and shape the future – use it for good
    • How to evaluate the impact of grassroots programs, as grassroots agencies don’t typically have capacity for evaluation or demonstrating impact – yet play a vital role in their community
    • How to effectively tell the story using data visualization

    Peer Communities

    Focus on issues and insights unique to community, corporate, international, public, and small foundations.

    Topics may include:

    • Staffing models
    • Workload rightsizing
    • Navigating politics
    • Helping donors be part of an overall strategy

    Process and Change Management

    Discover how to streamline your grantmaking practices—in the planning, award/monitoring, and post-grant phases—and maximize the resources devoted to achieving your organization’s mission.

    Topics may include:

    • Getting money to grantees expeditiously
    • How to help grantees when you’re an intermediary – making it easier and more streamlined, especially for NPOs with less capacity
    • How to build grantees’ programmatic or organizational capacity using their grant

    Professional Development

    Learn tactics for building your career, establishing coaching/mentoring relationships, and engaging in effective communication.

    Topics may include:

    • Navigating and building your career
    • Coaching/mentoring relationships
    • Relationship building
    • Effective communication
    • Getting your skills noticed and utilized in large organizations
    • Getting to strategy in small organizations and eliminating “overwhelm”
    • Promoting grants managers as internal consultants
    • Planning and executing Rock Star Moments
    • Liberating Structures, a methodology for facilitating and improving meetings

    Risk Management/Compliance

    Protect your organization’s interests while applying creative solutions to critical circumstances.

    Topics may include:

    • Making risky grants effectively – don’t let rules get in the way
    • Navigating legal requirements
    • How to read 990s and/or financial statements

    Strategic Management

    Promote your organization’s mission and goals, and inspire colleagues to achieve them.

    Topics may include:

    • Distributing grants among your staff without killing them; what is the breaking point?
    • Say “Yes, AND…”
    • Leveraging the natural strategic ties and alignment between grants management and mission
    • Portfolio analysis

    Please note: The schedule is subject to change.  Please check back regularly.

    Cancellations requests received by February 15, 2019, will receive a full refund. After February 15, 2019, no refunds will be granted. In the event that you need to cancel your conference registration or transfer it to a colleague, please contact the PEAK Grantmaking conference team. (info@peakgrantmaking.org)