• Deal Makers and Deal Breakers: Undercovering Patterns in Our Openness

    Grapple with the challenge of becoming more open to grantseekers, grantees, community members, and the people you aim to help. Using tools invented by and for grantmakers, participants will assess the explicit ways we welcome and exclude grantseekers. Then, using a serious game, participants will examine implicit cultural norms that can make our organizations more open to some types of grantseekers than others. These tools, processes, and insights were developed by a cohort of Iowa grantmakers who have been working for a year to improve openness practices. The results of their work led Iowa funders to redesign their grant applications, one-to-one communication strategies, site visits, websites, and grant processes. The session is not designed to make the case for openness or provide a simple case study. Instead, participants will experience tools for helping grantmakers increase their empathy and adapt more effectively to change.

    Participants will learn about:

    • Open grantmaker practices, systems, and communication
    • Values, culture, and norms that may make organizations more or less welcoming to grantseekers
    • Grantseeker personas and their potential to change the way organizations design their work

    Presenter: Stacy Van Gorp, Executive Director, McElroy Trust

    Process and Change Management Strategic Management
    Location: Date: March 13, 2019 Time: 9:00 am - 10:15 am Stacy Van Gorp