• Rapid-Response Grantmaking: Creating Nimble Processes to Support Urgent Movements

    Given the current political climate, many foundations see the movements they support and their grantees faced with rapidly shifting conditions and emerging threats. These foundations recognize that the times call for less red tape and more flexible ways to move funds to quickly address urgent needs. Hear from foundation representatives who view rapid-response grantmaking as essential to supporting grantees and have mastered the logistics of moving grants expeditiously. Hear, too, about challenges and lessons learned from moving funds quickly, including how to vet new grantees, craft an application process that is thorough but not burdensome, provide technical assistance to emerging grassroots organizations, and mitigate risk.

    Participants will learn about:

    • Why rapid-response grantmaking is a powerful tool for grantmakers to better support grantees
    • Different processes for moving grants rapidly, while conducting due diligence and managing risk
    • Countering or avoiding common pitfalls in rapid-response grantmaking

    Presenters: Jenifer Fernandez Ancona, VP, Strategy & Member Engagement, Women Donors Network; Kyrstin Thorson-Rogers, Grants Manager, Proteus Fund; Kelli Rojas, Grants Manager, Rose Community Foundation; Mayra Hidalgo Salazar, Hudson Valley Program Director, North Star Fund; and Shireen Zaman, RISE Together Fund


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