• The Future of Donor-Advised Funds

    The growth of donor-advised funds has significantly affected charitable giving throughout the country. To some, donor-advised funds exert an outsized influence on local giving: Popular programs, like the arts, receive support while less popular ones, like prison reform, do not. Donor-advised funds are criticized for low payout rates. Yet these funds disburse approximately 20 percent of their assets annually—higher than the 5 percent rate private foundations are required to give each year. How can public charities and community foundations find a balance between their missions and the wishes of donor advisors? Find out.

    Participants will learn about:

    • Why endowments matter
    • The value of a strong mission statement or grantmaking strategy in working productively with donor advisors
    • Educating donors on community needs that may not be popular areas for giving
    • Drivers behind the push for payout rules

    Presenter: Shermane Bilal, Senior Manager, Grants and Funds, Rockefeller Philanthropy Partners; Elizabeth Donohue, Grants Administrator, Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors; Ashley Hezel, Grants Manager, The Pittsburgh Foundation; and Liza Lagunoff , Director, Grants Budgeting, The New York Community Trust

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    Location: Date: March 11, 2019 Time: 1:30 pm - 2:45 pm Shermane Bilal Ashley Hezel Elizabeth Donohue Liza Lagunoff