• Why Asking about the Cost of Fundraising Isn’t Enough

    How much do we spend on fundraising? This question, alone, doesn’t measure fundraising effectiveness. Organizations with low fundraising costs sometimes depend on only a few donors, which can put the organizations at risk if one of those funders ends its grant. In addition, by asking about fundraising expenses, an organization may be signaling that grantees should spend as little as possible on these critical investments. BoardSource has developed a framework for Measuring Fundraising Effectiveness—both internally and externally—that creates a more complete picture of an organization’s fundraising health. Hear about this new tool for developing holistic pictures of grantees’ fundraising effectiveness.

    Participants will learn about:

    • Fundraising strategies and how focusing solely on the cost of fundraising can increase risk
    • The Measuring Fundraising Framework and related free resources
    • Questions to ask to get necessary information, without inadvertently sending harmful messages

    Presenter: Andy Davis, Director of Education, BoardSource

    Process and Change Management Strategic Management
    Location: Date: March 11, 2019 Time: 10:45 am - 12:00 pm Andy Davis